Ketubah Artist - Shulamit Widawsky

Shulamit Widawsky was born and raised in California. As an adult, she has also lived and worked in Israel, China and the Philippines before moving to Northern Virginia in 1988. Manuscript Illumination is only one facet of Shulamit's artwork. Over her lifetime, she has worked in a broad variety of styles and media. Her present work represents the accumulation of more than thirty years of artistic evolution.

Calligraphy fill-in is available on all ketubot for $75. A rush fee of $25 will be charged on all orders requiring less than 3 weeks delivery time. More information is available on the Calligraphy Page.

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Ketubah - sw-Lavender-Rose1.jpg
Lavender Rose

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Ketubah - sw_EtzChaim1.jpg
Etz Chaim


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