Home Blessing Prints : Howard Fox

Tree of Life Home Blessing

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Dimensions: 7.5 in x 9.5 in
Media: giclee
Price: $100

The Tree of life stands prominently at the top of this home blessing, the Hebrew letters spelling out "chai' which is Hebrew for life. Along the sides are images of the dove of peace, an olive branch in its mouth, and the harp of David, representing the music of celebration. The colors and painting of wild flowers are reminiscent of Persian manuscripts and carpet designs. The deep blue rich in depth portrays the night sky and the blue of the oceans.

Howard Fox's Home Blessings come in 5 texts: Hebrew & English (shown), English Text #1, Hebrew Text #1, English Text #2, and Hebrew Text #2.
Text #1 reads: Mighty Lord, please bring forth to this home, light and joy, peace and companionship and spread abundant holiness and greetings in every room and corner, and the light of your sacred Torah and its commandments will forever shine in this house. Amen and Amen.
Text #2 reads: Bless the inhabitants of this home with love, health and joy. Serenity and fraternity shall reside here. May this home be blessed with plentitude and success.



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