Ketubah Artists - Shulamit Widawsky

Etz Chaim

Ketubah Print - Etz Chaim

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Dimensions: 18 in x 24 in
Media: Lithograph
Price: $250

While the design of the illumination in this ketubah is influenced by Jewish manuscript styles from the Italian Renaissance, the symbolism is timeless. The traditional quotation forming the top border: "It is a Tree of Life to them that hold fast to it and all who uphold it are blessed" reminds us that the tree symbolizes Torah and the Devine as much as it symbolizes fruitfulness and the cycles of life.

Among the roots is the quotation from the book of Hoshea, "And I will betroth you to me for ever"

The branches part in the middle, and circle around until they meet back at the top. The couple is one, sharing life, and creating life, but each has their own direction. Between them they support their marriage, represented plainly in the text of the ketubah.

At the top of the tree are two blue leaves at the end of the branches, reaching back toward each other to complete a circle. They make the connection of the two halves, as well as sealing the protective boundary around the marriage. These top leaves are blue to represent heaven and G-d, which join the couple at a wedding, and watch over them in their marriage.

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