Ketubah Artists - Ardyn Halter


Ketubah Print - Papercut

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Dimensions: 19.75 in x 14.25 in
Media: lithograph
Price: $250

Ardyn Halter has extended the Jewish tradition of papercuts to produce a Ketubah of exquisite delicacy and refinement. Incorporated into the artwork is a line from Yehudah Halevi: "Ever since you were the home of love my love has dwelt with you." Above the Tree of Life is B'Siman Tov B'Mazal Tov. Surrounding the main text are the Seven Species and beyond them oak leaves symbolize longevity. The Papercut Ketuba is illustrated here with a blue backing.

This Ketubah is available with the following alternative backings:
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Hand-gilded filigree with 23-ct gold leaf: additional cost $150. (Please allow extra time; additional shipping fees required.)

Available Texts
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