Ketubah Artists - Shulamit Widawsky

Lavender Rose

Ketubah Print - Lavender Rose

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Dimensions: 18 in x 18 in
Media: lithograph
Price: $180

Reform and Conservative no longer available.

The Lavender Rose and the Protea flower make an exceptional pair, each one beautiful in its own way. Both of them considered extraordinary and unusual, a delightful and cherished addition to any garden.
In this design, the text of the ketubah takes the shape of a circle a common choice to symbolize the completeness represented by marriage, and the circular progression of the infinite cycles of life.
In the middle of the ketubah, the flowers, representing the couple, are painted in an unadorned style. The stems and leaves of each flower cross over each other, through the center of the ketubah text, and out past the boundaries of the circle; yet the essence of the circle remains. It has allowed room for the creative growth of each flowering plant.

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