Sample Calligraphy

Ketubah Print Calligraphic Fill-In:

Calligraphy fill-in is available on all ketubot for $75. A Rush Fee of $25 will be charged on all orders requiring less than 3 weeks delivery time.

We can provide Hebrew dates and spellings. Names not provided in Hebrew will be transliterated where necessary. Please note that there are variations in transliterations and Hebrew spellings; customer will agree to accept our Hebrew spelling for any names not provided.

Every attempt will be made to match the fill-in calligraphy with the original, however variations will occur and letter sizes may vary to accommodate the given spaces. Not responsible for mistakes due to errors, omissions or illegible information provided on this form. We recommend that the officiant approve this information.

Custom Calligraphy:

Custom texts on pre-printed borders are available, and calculated by the number of words plus setup and proofing charges. Usual fee is $50 for the lay-out plus $1 per word.

Extra charges for special ink, paper, or border artwork may apply. Call or email for price quote.

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